Important information of Municipality

The area of Phra Nakhorn Si Ayutthaya Nakhorn Municipality is about 14.84 square kilometers, together with ten sub-districts under its responsibility. The location of the Municipality is the island surrounded by the rivers. Also, this location used to be that of the ancient capital, and there are three rivers – Chao Phraya, Pa sak and Lop Buri respectively-flowing through it.

  • There are about 52,904 citizens comprising 26,711 males and 25,518 Females as well as 19,951 houses,and the density of the population averages 3,698 persons per a square kilometer (the data on 1 July 2551 (2008)).
  • There are also 65 sub-communities as well as eight schools under Phra Nakhorn Si Ayutthaya Nakhorn Municipality.